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Dear YMCA Members and Guests:

The following information is provided to give you a better understanding of the operating policies and procedures of the Montgomery County Family YMCA, as established by the staff and Board of Directors. Should you have any questions or comments regarding these policies, please don't hesitate to contact me.
As a customer of the YMCA, you are our most important concern. We will make every effort to assure that your visits here are beneficial to your health and wellness. Please let myself or a staff member know if we can assist you. By responding to your needs, we hope you will continue to support our mission.
Thank you,

John Blomstedt 
Interim Executive Director
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Weight Room
5th grade & under NOT ALLOWED
6th - 7th Grade (under supervision of an adult only with completion of YMCA Junior High Fitness class)
8th Grade (no supervision if successful completion of YMCA Junior High Fitness class)
9th Grade & above (no supervision)

Swimming Pool
4 years old & under (supervised by someone 15 years of age & older - also in the water)
Ages 5 -7 (supervised by someone 15 yrs. old & older in pool area)
8 years old & above (no supervision)

18 years of age and older (must inform lifeguard)

Walking/Jogging Track
4th Grade and under (accompanied by an adult & within arms length)
5th Grade - 8th Grade (accompanied by an adult, or YMCA staff permission)
9th Grade & above (no supervision)

Air Hockey Table
No age restrictions

Ping Pong Table
No age restrictions

Foosball Table
No age restrictions

No age restrictions

Tennis Courts
7 years old & under must be supervised by someone 15 years & older

Racquetball Court
7th grade & older

Download our full Policies & Procedures Handbook

Membership at the Montgomery County Family YMCA and admission to its facilities is a privilege, not a right. The Montgomery County Family YMCA reserves the right to deny membership, suspend membership or revoke the membership of any person whose behavior, whether on or off the YMCA premises, is judged by the Board of Directors either to be in conflict with the welfare of the YMCA patrons or staff, or in violation of the Montgomery County Family YMCA mission, as expressed in the mission statement found in the YMCA's seasonal brochure and by-laws. The Montgomery County Family YMCA will establish a written procedure for notice and hearing in advance of suspension or revocation of membership, and a method of appeal of that determination to the YMCA's Board of Directors. The YMCA's Chief Executive Officer is responsible for implementation of this policy.

The Montgomery County Family YCMA is a member of a worldwide organization and in addition to your privileges at this YMCA, you have special visitation privileges at most YMCAs around the world, and free entrance to any Iowa YMCA.  

Your membership card verifies your membership. Cards are non-transferable and remain the property of the YMCA. You must present your membership card at the Welcome Center Desk each time you enter the facility and when registering for programs. Memberships may be canceled by the association for violation of rules and regulations as listed in this handbook. You may be charged $1.00 for not having your membership card when seeking entrance into the YMCA. 

The YMCA does not allow refunds on memberships. Your membership might be transferable to another YMCA in the event you move from the area.  

The Montgomery County Family YMCA is a membership organization and promotes annual memberships. Current members are encouraged to bring prospective members to the YMCA at any time. However, individuals and families do not need to belong to the YMCA in order to utilize the facility; guests may pay a daily fee to enjoy the YMCA facility.
AWAY guest from another YMCA may use our facility up to 12 times per year with an active membership. A membership card from their YMCA must be presented to use the facility. 

The YMCA, which is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, does charge fees for services and programs, but it is our policy that no one is ineligible for membership or program participation due to financial limitations. Scholarships are made possible by the YMCA "Membership for Everyone" campaign, which raises contributions from individuals and corporate sponsors. Applications are available at the Customer Service Desk.

The following procedures should be followed when utilizing the YMCA:
  • YMCA members must scan their membership card. A YMCA staff member must be present.
  • YMCA guests must check in and sign the Guest Book each visit.
  • Program participants, whether members and potential members, must check in at the Welcome Center Desk each class day.
  • All other visitors must check in at the Customer Service Desk.


The majority of YMCA programs have an associated program fee, which helps cover the direct costs of operating each individual program, such as instructor costs and program supplies. Fees are applied to YMCA members and potential members; YMCA members receive a substantial reduction in each program fee.
Pre-registration is recommended. All fees are payable at the time of registration and are due prior to admittance to class, program and/or league.
If the YMCA finds it will not be possible to offer a program, a full refund will be made. If the individual enrolls in a program and it is impossible to attend BEFORE the class starts, notify the office at once in writing or by telephone and a refund of 80% will be made upon request. If equipment and/or uniform cost occurred prior to refund request, this amount will be deducted and then you will receive 80% of the remaining balance. Refunds will be mailed directly to you. NO REFUNDS will be given after the program has started.
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In order to keep the YMCA facility in top condition; certain guidelines have been instituted for the benefit of all members and guests.
1) Notify YMCA staff immediately of any maintenance problems or injuries.
2) All members, potential members, and guests will be expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner. Be courteous and show respect toward other members, guests, and staff in both verbal and physical mannerisms. NO profanity allowed.
3) Members, potential members and guests will respect the YMCA building and property by taking proper care of all equipment that is used and will not deface or destroy such YMCA property.
4) FOOD & BEVERAGES: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE candy, pop or food of any kind into the gymnasium, pool & whirlpool areas, locker rooms, health/wellness equipment area, track, or Jazzercise room. Food and Beverages in the YMCA should be confined to the lobby area and the multi-purpose room. We appreciate your help in keeping your YMCA safe and clean.
5) SMOKING: NO smoking will be allowed inside the facility in keeping with Y's health and fitness advocacies.
6) Members, potential members and guests are required to be out of the building by the stated closing times. Members, potential members, and guests who are involved in league play after closing times must be out of the building within 15 minutes after play finishes.
7) All posted rules should be read prior to use of each area of the facility. No one under age 18 is allowed to use the whirlpool.
8) An annual medical examination, although not required, is recommended for participation in physical activities.
9) NO radios, tape players, etc. are allowed in the building unless you use your own headphones.
10) Appropriate wearing apparel (in consideration of the activity) shall be the responsibility of all YMCA members and guests. Shirts, shorts, sweats, leotards and shoes are appropriate attire. Only clean tennis shoes (non-marking) may be worn in the gym, tennis courts, and fitness room. Clean approved walking shoes may be worn on the track. All workout shoes must be carried into the YMCA. Street worn shoes are not acceptable. The YMCA Program Operations Manager, Aquatics/Program Director and the Executive Director will have final authority on the appropriateness of attire worn in the YMCA facility or at any of its programs.
11) Shirt and shoes are required in the YMCA.
12) Bathing suits, wet or dry, are not permitted to be worn in the lobby area. Swimmers must be dressed when entering and leaving the locker rooms and remaining in the Y facility.

For those conduct violations which would initially be considered minor, including behavioral disturbances, profane language, or disruptions, the YMCA personnel will first make a request that the conduct violation stops before initiating further disciplinary actions.
Disciplinary Steps:
1. Temporary removal from the YMCA or activity for a period of up to one day. Authority is given to any YMCA staff or agent directly responsible for supervision at that particular time.
2. Probation: the YMCA Program Operations Manager, Aquatics Program Director or Executive Director may give conditional participation in YMCA activities or facilities during a trial period.
3. The YMCA Program Operations Manager, Aquatics Program Director or Executive Director may make short-term removal from the YMCA or activity for a period not to exceed 30 days.
4. Extended removal from the YMCA or activity for longer than 30 days shall be approved by the YMCA Board of Directors.
5. The YMCA Board of Directors and the Executive Director shall determine expulsion from the YMCA or any of its programs for any indefinite period of time.
6. Full restitution for damaged, stolen, or destroyed property shall be a condition of continued participation in the YMCA or any of its programs.
The severity of any violation of the YMCA Conduct Code will determine the resulting disciplinary action, including immediate expulsion. Local law enforcement officials may be contacted if deemed necessary, regarding certain actions by members or guests.
In instances of removal from the YMCA or any of its activities by individuals under 18 years of age, parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be notified of the conduct violation and resulting disciplinary action by the YMCA Program Manager, Aquatics Program Director or Executive Director.
All illegal contraband will be turned over to the local law enforcement officials. In the event of removal from a YMCA program or the cancellation of YMCA membership or guest fee, there will be no refund of related fees.
Any appeals of disciplinary action taken shall first be made to the YMCA Executive Director and then may be made to the YMCA Board of Directors.

In the event of an emergency please respond accordingly:

Fire:When the alarm sounds, assume there is a fire and leave the building at the nearest exit. Please do not leave the premises so we can account for everyone to ensure your safety.

Tornado:If the siren sounds, proceed as directed by YMCA staff to the designated location until the all-clear sounds.

Medical:If there is a medical emergency, alert a YMCA staff person. All YMCA lifeguards are trained in CPR.

FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO CHILD under 8 years of age may be left alone to use the YMCA facilities without direct supervision of an adult or baby-sitter at all times, unless enrolled in a YMCA program.

The Montgomery County YMCA facilities are completely handicap accessible for the enjoyment of all members and guests. Please contact a Y staff person about any additional accommodation needed for participation.

The YMCA offers a variety of programs and classes for children, adults, families and older active adults. Our primary focus is on instruction, health and wellness, character development, personal and family enrichment. Registration Forms, program schedules and flyers describing the services and programs may be obtained in the front lobby area. Also, watch for program opportunities to come home with your child from school. If you want information about a special program or about other YMCA's contact the Welcome Center Desk. Late registration fee will be charged depending on the program.
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Download our full Policies & Procedures Handbook