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is available to anyone who needs assistance changing, using the restroom, or preparing to enter the pool area.

Lockers are available free of charge for your daily use. You can bring your own lock or rent a lock at the Welcome Center. 
We recommend you lock up your belongings and please remember to take your lock and items with you when you leave each day.
If you would like to rent a locker the cost is $60 for a 3ft locker, and $90 for a 6ft locker per year.

Please bring your own towels with you from home. If you forget your towel we may be able to provide one for you while you are here. Please ask at the Welcome Center when you arrive. 
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Online Registration
When: Anytime
Times: TBD by You and the Instructor
Dates: TBD by You and the Instructor
Cost: $60.00— Members, $90.00—Potential Members

Private swim lessons are done in Five - 30 minute sessions. All private lessons must be ran by the YMCA and paid for in full prior to beginning lessons. Lesson times must be approved by the aquatics director and must be scheduled during regular pool hours, not to be held when other lessons or programs are taking place. APPOINTMENT WITH INSTRUCTOR AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.
The Y offers a wide range of swimming options for the whole family. Swimming builds self-confidence and develops the whole person – spirit, mind and body. Classes are divided into ability groups while trained instructors who emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance and social skills guided with praise and encouragement.
The Y offers swim lessons for all ages and abilities. Look at the skill levels below in order to place them in the correct class. If you do not know the last class your child passed successfully, please contact us in advance so we can attempt to verify for you.

 •Parent-Tot classes are taught as a combined class for ages 1-3 years with the parent accompanying the child in the water. Skills are introduced at the child’s development level and build as the child progresses. Basic water skills are taught through fun songs and games. 

 •Pike (Beginner): Children adjust to the water and develop independent movement. Includes basic stroke and kicking skills, floating, and pool safety.
 •Starfish (Intermediate Beginner): For children who can swim 15 feet with faces in the water and no flotation device. Reviews and improves stroke skills on front, back and side, builds endurance, teaches treading water skills.
 •Guppy (Advanced Beginner): For children able to swim 20 feet without a flotation device. Includes swimming on front, back and side and taking a breath while swimming.
 •Minnow (Intermediate): For children able to swim 25 yards on front and back, with or without a flotation device. Teaches front crawl with rotary breathing, backstroke, sidestroke, and beginning breaststroke.
 •Fish/Flying Fish (Advanced): For children able to swim 25 yards front crawl with rotary breathing, back crawl, sidestroke and rudimentary breaststroke. Refines breast stroke, teaches butterfly, open turns and improves other strokes.
Online Registration
When: Lessons start different times throughout the year. Check our
Youth Activites page or click the Registration button below for most current dates/times. 
Times: Times will be based on level placement, but lessons 
normally begin at 9:00AM and run until 12:00PM on Saturdays
Cost: $25.00— Members, $55.00—Potential Members

Group lessons consist of about 6 children to one Certified Swimming Instructor. Children are grouped with other children of similar age and swimming ability!